Scrapbooking Crops at KCLC

The next scrapbooking event date is TBC but please do contact us to show your interest as we will be running it as soon as there is enough interest. 


Scrapbooking is an amazing way to document precious memories, a keepsake of your child as they grow, looking back at a lifetime of history for an older relative, a story of that perfect holiday or nights out with your friends. Scrapbooking is limitless and can be anything you want it to be. 


The class will be full of like-minded people who will inspire and encourage you. Whether you are completely new to scrapping, or are on your 20th album, come along, check out some brilliant online ideas, make friends and turn your photos and memories into works of art. 


The cost of the class is only £4 per person, which includes all materials for your scrapbook you just need to bring your treasures such as photos, that pebble you picked up on the beach, a lock of hair and yourself! (Photocopies can be used if you are worried about damage to the originals while making the scrapbook)


Tea and coffee is available all throughout the evening and is included in the price. 


If you have any questions or to reserve your place email us at or call 0151 260 1006. Alternatively you can call into the centre in Kensington.


We look forward to seeing you!