Learn or Improve Your English at KCLC!

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It can be very difficult finding an ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages) course that you can start very quickly in Liverpool (without having to pay very high course fees). At KCLC we can offer you a solution that can have you enrolled and learning very quickly.


We run two types of courses here at KCLC. Our accredited courses are delivered by a partner organisation (WEA) and lead to nationally recognised qualifications at five levels (Entry Levels 1, 2 and 3, Level 1 and Level 2). In addition, we also deliver non-accredited courses that address all aspects of the English language (Speaking, Listening, Reading & Writing) – but there are no tests or exams on these courses. We can offer quick starts on these courses (often within 2 weeks).


The courses are very popular and fill up very quickly – so to reserve a place please pop into the centre to enrol.

Accredited Courses

Our accredited courses are delivered here at KCLC by the WEA. Five different levels are offered:

  • LEVEL 1
  • LEVEL 2


There are three units to each level (speaking & listening, reading and writing). Certificates are awarded for each unit with a fourth certificate awarded to students completing the full award (all three units at the same level). Course fees apply – but these can sometimes be waived subject to personal circumstances.

Non-Accredited Courses

KCLC also run non accredited courses. There are no certificates awarded from these courses but learners are able to engage quickly on them (often within 2 weeks) and engagement on these courses hastens progress into accredited courses.


These non-accredited courses are ideal for students that have been unable to secure places on accredited courses. They are also useful for students studying accredited courses as they provide a extra tuition and improve students' chances of passing their accredited exams.


Our internal ESOL courses are available at all levels from pre-entry up to level 2 and are delivered in short blocks of 5 weeks.


A nominal fee applies. Please contact the centre for full details.